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 BUB vs BBS Tips, Stats & Team for Today Match Prediction 

 Match:  BUB vs BBS T10 Fantasy Team Prediction  
 Time:   29 May,12:30 PM (IST)  

 Series:: ECS T10 Krefeld 
 Venue:  Bayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld. 


  • Aritharan Vaseekaran top scored for Boosters with 32* from 16 balls on Friday.
  • Gobinath Navarathinam took 2-16 for Boosters against Dusseldorf Blackcaps.
  • Dilshan Rajudeen hit 31 and top scored for Bonn Blue Star on Friday.
 Live Streaming
Live Streaming: The 45th match will start at 12:30 PM IST and will be streamed live on Fancode.

 Weather & Pitch Report
⛅ Weather:
The temperature will lie between 7-11 degrees Celsius. The precipitation chances are pretty high and the match is likely to be interrupted by rain.
🏟ī¸ Pitch:
The match will be played at the Bayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld. Bonn Blue Stars hit the highest Quarter Final total of 110-4 on Friday.

 Winning Chances: 

Who will win today match: BUB vs BBS T10 Fantasy Team
In BUB vs BBS Dream11 match prediction, BUB have done well to come this far but they have chinks in their armour. On the other hand, BBS have looked in more control and they are the better team. So expect BBS to win this game.

 Recent Form: 

D,    W,    L,     L      L
❌   âœ…  ❌   âŒ  âŒ

W,     L,   L,   W,    W
✅   âŒ  âŒ  ✅  ✅

 Team NEWS: 

 BUB Team News: 
Playing Combination: 
  • The duo of A Vaseerkaran and K Mahendran will open the batting while A Ravinthran, T Rajakulasingam,  and J Mani will bat in the middle order. G Navarathinam will lead the bowling attack.
 BBS Team News: 
Playing Combination: 
  • D Rajudeen and Z Abbas are the openers. K Illyas, N Akhtarn and V Jeet will bat in the middle order. H Khan will lead the bowling attack and he will be supported by V Jeet.

 BUB Predicted11 

Rahul Srinivas(wk)
Muhammad Raheel
Jamshed Khan
Kashif Shahab
Jatin Masiwal
Nilay Patel
Venkat Ganesan(c)
Oascoroni Ahamed
Neeraj Sharma
Abdul majeed Ahmadzai
Sanil Bhatia

 BBS Predicted11 

Dilshan Rajudeen
Zaheer Abbas (wk)
Naeem Akhtar
Khurram Ilyas (c)
Jawad Azizi
Sahir Naqash
Haron Khan
Vikram Jeet
Farhan Shaukat
Ranjit Singh
MD Shafiullah Kadem

 â„šī¸ Match Finished 

 C & VC Options: 

Dilshan Rajudeen
Aritharan Vaseekaran
Dilshan Rajudeen
Pakeetharan Praba

 BUB Key Players: 

 A Vaseekaran: 
A Vaseekaran is in prime form. He made 32 runs off just 16 balls in the quarterfinals. He has slammed 194 runs in 9 games with an average of 27.71 and has a strike-rate of 194.00. He he has also picked 5 wickets and has a bowling strike-rate of 19.20. 

 T Rajakulasingam: 
T Rajakulasingam has made an impact in both innings. He has scored 109 runs in 8 innings at a strike-rate of 128.23 and is in very good form. He has also chipped in with 4 wickets and can be expected to make a telling contribution in the big game.

 BBS Key Players: 

 D Rajudeen: 
D Rajudeen continues to be the stand-out performer for the team. He made 31 runs from 14 balls in the quarterfinals and then conceded just 7 runs in 2 overs and picked 1 wicket as well. He has scored 229 runs at an average of 45.80 and has a strike-rate of 178.90. He has also chipped in with 7 wickets with a strike-rate of 10.28. 

 Z Abbas: 
Z Abbas has made effective contributions with the bat. He has scored 127 runs in 8 innings and has an average of 18.14. He has a strike-rate of 139.56 and has highest score of 36*.


 Team Forms: 

 BUB Team Form: 
  • Bayer Uerdingen Boosters caused a massive upset when they beat Dusseldorf Blackcaps, who had won seven group stage games, in the quarter-finals of the ECS T10 Krefeld. The match was tied, with Bayer Uerdingen Boosters winning on Golden Ball to storm into the semi-finals. The Kumar Mahendran-led side won just two league stage games and finished fourth in Group B.
 BBS Team Form: 
  • Bonn Blue Star, on the other hand, won four games in the group stages, finishing third in Group B of the ECS T10 Krefeld. However, they beat Aachen Rising Stars in the quarter-finals by 12 runs to book their place in the last four.

 Bayer Uerdingen Boosters: 

Kumar Mahendran (c), Ahilan Ravinthran, Anvesh Jandagudem, Pakeetharan Praba, Ankur Tyagi, Ali Abbas Akbar, Gobinath Sribalashanmugan, Kanus Indran, Ahalavan Pius, Shiyamsundar Narayanan, Thinesh Rajakulasingam, Mani Janarthanam, Gobinath Navarathinam, Tharmabalan Veluppillai, Ismin Hameed, Stebin Stephen, Ashok Hardik, Sri Kanth Vaka, Jeyaruban Paramanathan, Aritharan Vaseekaran, Jayakumar Vidhuran, Sakeshkanth Indran, Ramar Tharmaraj, Balachandran Atchuthan.

 Bonn Blue Star: 

Khurram Ilyas (c), Asad Mohammad, Bryan Rattan, Dilshan Rajudeen, Farhan Shaukat, Haron Khan, Hasan Bukhari, Jaspreet Hunjhan, Jawad Azizi, Karanjit Brar, MD Shafiullah Khadem, Manpreet Ghotra, Naeem Akhtar, Rajvinder Singh, Ranjit Rana Singh, Ranjith Kumar, Sahir Naqash, Vikram Jeet, Viprendra Joshi, Zaheer Abbas, Zaigham Waqas.


 VfB Gelsenkirchen 

*All Stats & Scores are of ECS T10 Krefeld Matches, Unless Specifically mention of T10.
Wicket Keeper:
Swapnil Varhade –
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open, 2dwn, 3dwn
17(16), 38(21), 10(9), 47(27), 1(3), 1(2)
Mirwali Jabarkheel –
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open
8(7), 4(2)
Afzal Pathan –
DNB, 6dwn, 1dwn, Open, 6dwn, 6den
DNB, 8(17), 37(63), 4(12), 1(8), 0(0)*
Suliman Hugakhil – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open
3(5), 24(18)*,  10(10), 32(23)
Sivasai Yeesakonu-
ECS T10 Scores
6dwn, DNB
12(8)*, DNB
1/3(1), 0/14(1)
Ebnimin Qanee-
6dwn, 5dwn, DNB, 1dwn, Open, DNB
7(5)*, 0(1)*, DND, 5(10), 0(2), DNB
Phanish Rachuru –
1dwn, Open, Open, Open, Open, Open,
10(11), 8(15), 1(9), 0(0), 36(33), 51(26)*, 7(13)
Mezeyn Kamal –
DNB, DNB, 8dwn, DNB, DNB, 2dwn, 3dwn,
DNB, DNB, 2(3)*, DNB, DNB, 1(15), 3(9),
2/9(2), 1/12(1), DNB, 2/8(1), DNB, DNB, DNB
Kamran Khan – Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
4dwn, 4dwn, 4dwn, DNB,
1(3), 1(4), 11(13), DNB,
DNB, 1/7(1), 2/7(1), DNB,
Arfan Malik  – Right Arm Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
Open, 2dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 3dwn, 2dwn
8(7), 0(1), 12(6), 0(0)*, 1(2), 13(10)
0/29(2), 1/21(2), 1/12(2), 0/4(1), 0/16(1), DNB
Nihal Mattoo – Right Arm Medium Fast
6dwn, DNB, 4dwn, DNB, 6dwn,
2(3), DNB, 1(2), DNB, 5(6),
0/4(1), 0/13(1), 1/19(3), 0/23(2), 1/8(2), 
BAT – Match – 6, Innings – 5, Runs – 29, Avg – 8
BOWL – Over – 6, Innings – 6, Wkt – 9
Arvind Raju –
Shahidullah Arman – Right Arm Off-break
ECS T10 Scores
3dwn, 3dwn, 2dwn, DNB, 4dwn, DNB
16(14), 5(7)*, 5(4), DNB, 2(5), DNB
2/22(2), 0/21(2), 2/9(2), 1/8(2), 1/11(2), 1/2(1)
Rubesh Palaniappan – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
DNB, 5dwn, DNB, DNB, DNB
DNB, 13(9), DNB, DNB, DNB
0/23(1), 0/15(1), 1/8(2), 1/9(2), 1/9(2)
Sahalom Dhaly –
ECS T10 Scores
2dwn, 1dwn, 3dwn, DNB, 1dwn, 1dwn
0(2), 20(21), 0(3), DNB, 28(24), 37(23)*
DNB, DNB, DNB, 0/15(1), 4/3(2), DNB
Shrutarv Awasthi – Right Arm Medium
0/18(2), 1/21(2), 2/11(2+1M), 0/13(1), 2/3(2),
Anil Kavi – Right Arm Off-break
0/8(1), 1/12(1), DNB, 2/13(2)
Vignaesh Sankaran – Right Arm Off-break
ECS T10 Scores
2/25(2), 1/18(2), 1/6(2), 1/10(2)
Mubashir Hussain – Right Arm Medium Fast
0/8(1+1M), 6/12(4), 2/27(3), 1/8(2)
Neeraj Hukeri- Right Arm Medium Fast
0/8(1), 0/13(3), 3/19(2+2M), 3/9(4)
Hammed / Qanee Ghane Zanei-

  Aachen Rising Stars 

*All Stats & Scores are of ECS T10 Krefeld Matches, Unless Specifically mention of T10.
Wicket Keeper :
Sagar Kataria –
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open, Open, Open
26(17), 7(9), 55(29), 14(10), 22(17), 0(2)
Puneet Atal –
ECS T10 Scores
DNB, 3dwn,
DNB, 6(10)*,
Faheem Jan – Right Arm Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
2dwn, 3dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn
53(20)*, 28(16), 6(8), 15(10)*,  0(0), 35(24)*
0/16(2), DNB, 0/11(2), 0/16(1), 1/23(2)
Asad Abbas –
1dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 2dwn
0(2), 22(NA), 23(44), 11(28)
5/30(8+2M), DNB, 2/37(8), 3/42(7)
* – Not sure about this player info.
Varun Reddy – Right Arm Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open, Open, Open
20(14), 7(4), 32(20), 43(23)*, 22(18), 34(26)*
0/5(1), DNB, DNB, DNB, 0/23(1), DNB
Azam Temorai –
ECS T10 Scores
1dwn, 1dwn, 2dwn, DNB, 4dwn
0(2), 1(4), 3(3)*, DNB, 16(7)*
Gulistan Muhammad –
ECS T10 Scores
4dwn, 2dwn, 3dwn, DNB, 2dwn
2(4), 0(5), 3(1)* DNB, 9(8)
Asif Rauf –
No info Available Currently.
Dhaval Goyani –
No info Available Currently.
Osman Shirzad – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
7dwn, DNB, DNB, DNB, DNB
1(3)*, DNB, DNB, DNB, DNB
0/7(1), 2/11(2), 3/4(2), 0/16(2), 0/7(1),
Mubashar Inayat –
No Stats Available
Muhammad Aziz –
3dwn, 6dwn, DNB
3(6), 4(2), DNB
DNB, DNB, 0/14(1)
Javed Khan – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
2/8(2), 1/14(2), 0/14(2), 0/5(1), 1/14(2)
Dipankar Banerjee –
ECS T10 Scores
1/26(2), 0/16(1), 2/20(2), 2/13(2)
Safi Khan – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
0/20(2), 1/14(2), 1/17(2), 1/14(1), 2/4(1)
Ahmad Shirzad –
ECS T10 Scores
0/11(2), 0/26(2), 0/22(2), 0/11(2), 0/4(1), 2/12(2)


 â„šī¸ Match Finished 

Toss: BBS won the Toss & elected to field first.





 Other C & VC Options: 

Dilshan Rajudeen
Aritharan Vaseekaran
Dilshan Rajudeen
Pakeetharan Praba

 Make necessary changes if any player absent 

*Above GL Team Guide Images for Guide only. 
*You can make necessary changes as per your choice. 
*Above Team maybe Highly risky so play at your own risk. 
*for final team check here in the last 15mins of the match deadline. 

*You can also make some other combination by changing 1-2 players with help of Team Guide.

Best of Luck.

 Disclaimer: > Fantasy Cricket is a game of skill and luck is also very much important to win the grand league in dream11 or any other fantasy cricket leagues. We have covered the skill part.

> We have mentioned the expected playing 11 as per our cricket knowledge. You can change the fantasy team once the playing 11 is out.


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