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 MSF vs KCC Tips, Stats & Team for Today Match Prediction 

 Match:  MSF vs KCC T10 Fantasy Team Prediction  
 Time:   29 May,02:30 PM (IST)  

 Series:: ECS T10 Krefeld 
 Venue:  Bayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld. 


  • Adel Khan top scored with 46 from 30 balls on Friday
  • Qader Khan took 1-6 from 2 overs for MSC on Friday
  • Asmdin Zadran took 3-13 for Koln CC against VfB Gelsenkirchen on Friday.
 Live Streaming
Live Streaming: The 46th match will start at 02:30 PM IST and will be streamed live on Fancode.

 Weather & Pitch Report
⛅ Weather:
The temperature will lie between 7-11 degrees Celsius. The precipitation chances are pretty high and the match is likely to be interrupted by rain.
🏟ī¸ Pitch:
The match will be played at the Bayer Uerdingen Cricket Ground, Krefeld. VfB Gelsenkirchen made the lowest total in the Quarter Finals with 68-7 against Koln CC.

 Winning Chances: 

Who will win today match: MSF vs KCC T10 Fantasy Team
In MSF vs KCC Dream11 match prediction, MSF are in tremendous form and they will start as the favourites. So expect MSF to win this game.

 Recent Form: 

W,   W,    W,    W    W
✅   âœ…   âœ…   âœ…  âœ…

W,    W,   W,   W,    NR
✅   âœ…  âœ…   âœ…   âŒ

 Team NEWS: 

 MSF Team News: 
Playing Combination: 
  • The duo of A Khan and H Rahman will open the batting while Sekandar Khan, Qader Khan, Daud Muhammad and Shahid Afridi Jrwill bat in the middle order. NB Ahmad and W Haji will lead the bowling attack.
 KCC Team News: 
Playing Combination: 
  • L Kamti and I Ahmed-I will open the innings. They will be supported by T Morbagal and D Patel in the middle order. A Deshpande will add strength to batting order and P Dadholkar and A Murali will handle bowling duties.

 MSF Predicted11 

Adel Khan
Sekandar Khan (c)
Shahid Afridi
Daud Muhammad
Qutub Schebeckkhel
Qader Khan
Hamza Sayed Ameer
Nafees Buttar
Wasil Noori
Habib Rahman (wk)
Waseem Khan

 KCC Predicted11 

Satya Srinivas (wk)
Irfan Ahmed
Tejas Morbagal
Asmdin Zadran
Dhruv Patel (c)
Dhruv Rathod
Sandheep Ravishankar
Ameya Deshpande
Grinesh Sanghavi
Ashish Makkar
Emerson Rajaratnam

 â„šī¸ Match Finished 

 C & VC Options: 

Adel Khan
Tejas Morbagal
Adel Khan
Shahid Afridi

 MSF Key Players: 

 A Khan: 
A Khan played a gem of an innings in the quarterfinals to steer the team home. He made 46 runs off just 30 balls. He is in stunning form and has made 214 runs at an average of 35.66 and has a solid strike-rate of 156.20. He has slammed one fifty and has a highest score of 63*. He has been equally good in bowling and has taken 7 wickets so far. 

 Qader Khan: 
Qader Khan is the leading wicket-taker for the team. He has picked 11 wickets in 9 games. He has an effective strike-rate of 8.18 and averages 8.81 with the ball. He was very effective in the semis and gave away just 6 runs in 2 overs and chipped in with 1 wicket. He has also been effective with the bat and has made 49 runs at a strike-rate of 119.51.

 KCC Key Players: 

 A Zadran: 
A Zadran was on a rampage in the quarter-finals. He picked 3 wickets in 2 overs and gave just 13 runs and also made 28 runs off just 21 balls. Expect him to repeat his heroics in the semis as well. He has picked 7 wickets in 5 games so far at a strike-rate of 6.85 and has also made 54 runs with the bat at a strike-rate of 122.72. 

 T Morbagal: 
T Morbagal is in sensational form in this tournament. He has made 106 runs at a strike-rate of 149.29 and has also picked 12 wickets in 9 innings. He has a bowling average of 7.16 and has a strike-rate of 6.50.


 Team Forms: 

 MSF Team Form: 
  • MSC Frankfurt have been absolutely dominant in the ECS T10 Krefeld this season, losing just once so far. They topped Group A with seven wins before beating Bayer Uerdingen Wolves in the quarter-finals fixture. On current form, MSC Frankfurt will start as favorites in the second ECS T10 Krefeld semi-final.
 KCC Team Form: 
  • Koln CC have also been pretty consistent in the ECS T10 Krefeld, finishing second in Group B with five wins and two losses. They then beat VfB Gelsenkirchen by 12 runs in the quarter-finals to set up a semi-final date with MSC Frankfurt.

 MSC Frankfurt: 

Sekandar Khan (c), Muslim Ashraf, Waheed Ahmed, Nafees Buttar, Adel Khan, Qader Khan, Daud Muhammad, Shahid Afridi, Habib Rahman, Zabiullah Aryoubi, Hamza Sayed Ameer, Waseem Khan, Sajid Khan Afridi, Qutub Schebeckkhel, Sultan Ahmad, Wasil Noori.

 Koln CC: 

Dhruv Patel (c), Prateek Dabholkar, Appu Murali, Tejas Morbagal, Dhruv Rathod, Sandheep Ravishankar, Sajeesh Kumar, Lokesh Kamti, Irfan Ahmed, Ameya Deshpande, Santosh Kumar, Santhoshkumar Sundararaj, Umang Shah, Sayan Mukhopadhaya, Priyank Mehta, Rameez Deshmukh, Grinesh Sanghavi, Ashish Makkar, Emerson Rajaratnam, Jimit Patel, Satya Srinivas, Abhilash Miryala, Amit Saini, Asmdin Zadran.


 VfB Gelsenkirchen 

*All Stats & Scores are of ECS T10 Krefeld Matches, Unless Specifically mention of T10.
Wicket Keeper:
Swapnil Varhade –
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open, 2dwn, 3dwn
17(16), 38(21), 10(9), 47(27), 1(3), 1(2)
Mirwali Jabarkheel –
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open
8(7), 4(2)
Afzal Pathan –
DNB, 6dwn, 1dwn, Open, 6dwn, 6den
DNB, 8(17), 37(63), 4(12), 1(8), 0(0)*
Suliman Hugakhil – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open
3(5), 24(18)*,  10(10), 32(23)
Sivasai Yeesakonu-
ECS T10 Scores
6dwn, DNB
12(8)*, DNB
1/3(1), 0/14(1)
Ebnimin Qanee-
6dwn, 5dwn, DNB, 1dwn, Open, DNB
7(5)*, 0(1)*, DND, 5(10), 0(2), DNB
Phanish Rachuru –
1dwn, Open, Open, Open, Open, Open,
10(11), 8(15), 1(9), 0(0), 36(33), 51(26)*, 7(13)
Mezeyn Kamal –
DNB, DNB, 8dwn, DNB, DNB, 2dwn, 3dwn,
DNB, DNB, 2(3)*, DNB, DNB, 1(15), 3(9),
2/9(2), 1/12(1), DNB, 2/8(1), DNB, DNB, DNB
Kamran Khan – Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
4dwn, 4dwn, 4dwn, DNB,
1(3), 1(4), 11(13), DNB,
DNB, 1/7(1), 2/7(1), DNB,
Arfan Malik  – Right Arm Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
Open, 2dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 3dwn, 2dwn
8(7), 0(1), 12(6), 0(0)*, 1(2), 13(10)
0/29(2), 1/21(2), 1/12(2), 0/4(1), 0/16(1), DNB
Nihal Mattoo – Right Arm Medium Fast
6dwn, DNB, 4dwn, DNB, 6dwn,
2(3), DNB, 1(2), DNB, 5(6),
0/4(1), 0/13(1), 1/19(3), 0/23(2), 1/8(2), 
BAT – Match – 6, Innings – 5, Runs – 29, Avg – 8
BOWL – Over – 6, Innings – 6, Wkt – 9
Arvind Raju –
Shahidullah Arman – Right Arm Off-break
ECS T10 Scores
3dwn, 3dwn, 2dwn, DNB, 4dwn, DNB
16(14), 5(7)*, 5(4), DNB, 2(5), DNB
2/22(2), 0/21(2), 2/9(2), 1/8(2), 1/11(2), 1/2(1)
Rubesh Palaniappan – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
DNB, 5dwn, DNB, DNB, DNB
DNB, 13(9), DNB, DNB, DNB
0/23(1), 0/15(1), 1/8(2), 1/9(2), 1/9(2)
Sahalom Dhaly –
ECS T10 Scores
2dwn, 1dwn, 3dwn, DNB, 1dwn, 1dwn
0(2), 20(21), 0(3), DNB, 28(24), 37(23)*
DNB, DNB, DNB, 0/15(1), 4/3(2), DNB
Shrutarv Awasthi – Right Arm Medium
0/18(2), 1/21(2), 2/11(2+1M), 0/13(1), 2/3(2),
Anil Kavi – Right Arm Off-break
0/8(1), 1/12(1), DNB, 2/13(2)
Vignaesh Sankaran – Right Arm Off-break
ECS T10 Scores
2/25(2), 1/18(2), 1/6(2), 1/10(2)
Mubashir Hussain – Right Arm Medium Fast
0/8(1+1M), 6/12(4), 2/27(3), 1/8(2)
Neeraj Hukeri- Right Arm Medium Fast
0/8(1), 0/13(3), 3/19(2+2M), 3/9(4)
Hammed / Qanee Ghane Zanei-

  Aachen Rising Stars 

*All Stats & Scores are of ECS T10 Krefeld Matches, Unless Specifically mention of T10.
Wicket Keeper :
Sagar Kataria –
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open, Open, Open
26(17), 7(9), 55(29), 14(10), 22(17), 0(2)
Puneet Atal –
ECS T10 Scores
DNB, 3dwn,
DNB, 6(10)*,
Faheem Jan – Right Arm Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
2dwn, 3dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn
53(20)*, 28(16), 6(8), 15(10)*,  0(0), 35(24)*
0/16(2), DNB, 0/11(2), 0/16(1), 1/23(2)
Asad Abbas –
1dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 2dwn
0(2), 22(NA), 23(44), 11(28)
5/30(8+2M), DNB, 2/37(8), 3/42(7)
* – Not sure about this player info.
Varun Reddy – Right Arm Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open, Open, Open
20(14), 7(4), 32(20), 43(23)*, 22(18), 34(26)*
0/5(1), DNB, DNB, DNB, 0/23(1), DNB
Azam Temorai –
ECS T10 Scores
1dwn, 1dwn, 2dwn, DNB, 4dwn
0(2), 1(4), 3(3)*, DNB, 16(7)*
Gulistan Muhammad –
ECS T10 Scores
4dwn, 2dwn, 3dwn, DNB, 2dwn
2(4), 0(5), 3(1)* DNB, 9(8)
Asif Rauf –
No info Available Currently.
Dhaval Goyani –
No info Available Currently.
Osman Shirzad – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
7dwn, DNB, DNB, DNB, DNB
1(3)*, DNB, DNB, DNB, DNB
0/7(1), 2/11(2), 3/4(2), 0/16(2), 0/7(1),
Mubashar Inayat –
No Stats Available
Muhammad Aziz –
3dwn, 6dwn, DNB
3(6), 4(2), DNB
DNB, DNB, 0/14(1)
Javed Khan – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
2/8(2), 1/14(2), 0/14(2), 0/5(1), 1/14(2)
Dipankar Banerjee –
ECS T10 Scores
1/26(2), 0/16(1), 2/20(2), 2/13(2)
Safi Khan – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
0/20(2), 1/14(2), 1/17(2), 1/14(1), 2/4(1)
Ahmad Shirzad –
ECS T10 Scores
0/11(2), 0/26(2), 0/22(2), 0/11(2), 0/4(1), 2/12(2)


 â„šī¸ Match Finished 

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Toss: KCC elected to Bat first





 Other C & VC Options: 

Adel Khan
Tejas Morbagal
Adel Khan
Shahid Afridi

 Make necessary changes if any player absent 

*Above GL Team Guide Images for Guide only. 
*You can make necessary changes as per your choice. 
*Above Team maybe Highly risky so play at your own risk. 
*for final team check here in the last 15mins of the match deadline. 

*You can also make some other combination by changing 1-2 players with help of Team Guide.

Best of Luck.

 Disclaimer: > Fantasy Cricket is a game of skill and luck is also very much important to win the grand league in dream11 or any other fantasy cricket leagues. We have covered the skill part.

> We have mentioned the expected playing 11 as per our cricket knowledge. You can change the fantasy team once the playing 11 is out.


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