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 THCC vs SCE Tips, Stats & Team for Today Match Prediction 

 Match:  THCC vs SCE T10 Fantasy Team Prediction  
 Time:   05 June, 12:30 PM (IST)  

 Series:: ECS T10 Kiel 
 Venue:  Kiel Cricket Ground, Kiel. 


  • THCC Hamburg will be up against SC Europa in back-to-back ECS T10 Kiel matches at the Kiel Cricket Ground on Saturday. These will be the first two fixtures of Group B.
  • THCC Hamburg will be making their ECS debut and will be keen to impress. They were founded in 2008 and are one of the most developing cricket clubs in Germany. Moreover, HCC Hamburg have a good all-round side capable of springing a surprise or two in the ECS T10 Kiel.
  • SC Europa, on the other hand, were founded in 2016 and have some ECS experience behind them. They featured in the ECS Kummerfeld 2020 and also in the ECN Hannover Hitout. However, SC Europa have largely been inconsistent, something they will be eager to change in the ECS T10 Kiel. They will start the games as favorites, considering their past ECS experience.
 Live Streaming
Live Streaming: The 21st match will start at 12:30 PM IST and the 22nd match will be at 02:30 PM IST and will be streamed live on Fancode.

 Weather & Pitch Report
⛅ Weather:
The weather looks good with temperatures hovering around 20 degrees Celsius.
🏟️ Pitch:
It’s an evenly balanced surface with equal help for both batters and bowlers. Bowlers will have to bowl tight lines to keep the batters in check, else they might find it easy to score on this ground. Any score around 80 to 90 runs should be enough to defend.

 Winning Chances: 

Who will win today match: THCC vs SCE T10 Fantasy Team
THCC vs SCE Dream11 Prediction: Both teams are playing their first game of the tournament. However, going by the team combinations of both sides, the THCC Hamburg have the edge over SCE on Friday’s clash..

 Recent Form: 


L,    L,    W,    L,    L
❌   ❌  ✅  ❌   ❌ 

 Team NEWS: 

 THCC Team News: 
Playing Combination: 
  • Abhik Jana would lead the side and will be the biggest bet for the side.
  • The likes of Abhinand Jha, Campbell Jefferys, Behram Ali, Abhik Jana will comprise the top four.
  • The onus on the bowling department would be on the shoulders of Rohan Phadke and Angus Pickering.
  • Behram Ali and Mithun Jakati will handle the spin bowling duties.
 SCE Team News: 
Playing Combination: 
  • Hikmanullah Shinwari is the team’s all-time leading wicket-taker. Moreover, his ability to score big hits makes him a valuable asset for the side.
  • The team will be led by Sahel Darwish. Ahead of the first game against THCC, he will be the man to watch out for.
  • The likes of Sahel Darwish, Dawood Aruyubi, Wahidullah Amini and Istafeel Aryubi will comprise the top four.
  • The onus on the bowling department would fall on the likes of Israfeel Aryubi, Umar Farooq, Bilal Shinwari.

 THCC Predicted11 

Abhinand Jha
Campbell Jefferys
Behram Ali
Abhik Jana (c)
Rahul Kumar (wk)
Rohan Phadke
Angus Pickering
Karthik Suresh
Mithun Jakati
Jasveer Rathore
Michael Anderson

 SCE Predicted11 

Sahel Darwish (c)
Wahidullah Amini
Dawood Khan Aryubi
Israfeel Aryubi
Hikmanullah Shinwari
Akif Hameed
Umar Farooq
Dev Rana
Muhammad Mohsin (wk)
Wajid Khan
Khawaja Khalid

 ℹ️ Match Finished  

 C & VC Options: 

Sahel Darwish
Hikmanullah Shinwari
Dawood Khan Aryubi
Abhinand Jha

 THCC Key Players: 

 Angus Pickering
Angus Pickering is an all-rounder who can make a difference for the side. You can consider picking him for your fantasy teams at 10 credits. 

 Campbell Jefferys
Campbell Jefferys is likely to keep wickets for the THCC Hamburg. There is not much information available about him. He has given 9.5 credits in Dream11 fantasy hence you can consider picking him for your fantasy teams.

 SCE Key Players: 

 Dawood Khan Aryubi
Dawood Khan Aryubi was the top scorer for SC Europa in the ECN Hannover Hitout 2020, scoring 44 runs in 3 matches at a strike rate of 169.23. 

 Muhammad Khan-Oriakhel
Muhammad Khan-Oriakhel too made a decent contribution for SC Europa in the ECN Hannover Hitout 2020, scoring 39 runs in 3 matches at a strike rate of 144.44.


 Team Forms: 

 THCC Team Form: 
  • THCC Hamburg are making their debut in this ECS tournament. They have got some really talented cricketers in their line-up who are ready to take the challenge at the highest level. They will be looking forward to starting their campaign with a win.
 SCE Team Form: 
  • SC Europa had played before in the ECN Hannover Hitout last year. They were knocked out in the group stages itself as they lost all their 3 matches. It will be a big challenge for them since they will be facing high-quality teams..

 THCC Hamburg: 

Abhik Jana (c), Abhinand Jha, Angus Pickering, Aswin Sivakumarr, Bakhtiar Safi, Behram Ali, Campbell Jefferys, Chandan Mothilal, Jasveer Rathore, Karthik Suresh, Michael Anderson, Mithun Jakati, Rahul Kumar, Rohan Phadke, Sudhir Thakur, Surya Narayanan.

 SC Europa: 

Sahel Darwish (c), Akif Hameed, Amjad Zazai, Atiqullah Bawar, Bilal Shinwari, Dawood Aryubi, Dev Rana, Hamza Muhammad, Hedayatullah Ibrahimkhel, Hikman Shinwari, Israfeel Aryubi, Kashif Abbasi, Khan Oriakhel, Khawaja Khalid, Mohibullah Nayel, Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Mohsin, Nader Fakhry, Rahim Khan, Rahim Zazai, Samiullah Habibi, Shabeer Arabzaie, Umar Farooq, Wahidullah Amini, Wajid Khan, Yasir Thara.


 VfB Gelsenkirchen 

*All Stats & Scores are of ECS T10 Krefeld Matches, Unless Specifically mention of T10.
Wicket Keeper:
Swapnil Varhade –
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open, 2dwn, 3dwn
17(16), 38(21), 10(9), 47(27), 1(3), 1(2)
Mirwali Jabarkheel –
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open
8(7), 4(2)
Afzal Pathan –
DNB, 6dwn, 1dwn, Open, 6dwn, 6den
DNB, 8(17), 37(63), 4(12), 1(8), 0(0)*
Suliman Hugakhil – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open
3(5), 24(18)*,  10(10), 32(23)
Sivasai Yeesakonu-
ECS T10 Scores
6dwn, DNB
12(8)*, DNB
1/3(1), 0/14(1)
Ebnimin Qanee-
6dwn, 5dwn, DNB, 1dwn, Open, DNB
7(5)*, 0(1)*, DND, 5(10), 0(2), DNB
Phanish Rachuru –
1dwn, Open, Open, Open, Open, Open,
10(11), 8(15), 1(9), 0(0), 36(33), 51(26)*, 7(13)
Mezeyn Kamal –
DNB, DNB, 8dwn, DNB, DNB, 2dwn, 3dwn,
DNB, DNB, 2(3)*, DNB, DNB, 1(15), 3(9),
2/9(2), 1/12(1), DNB, 2/8(1), DNB, DNB, DNB
Kamran Khan – Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
4dwn, 4dwn, 4dwn, DNB,
1(3), 1(4), 11(13), DNB,
DNB, 1/7(1), 2/7(1), DNB,
Arfan Malik  – Right Arm Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
Open, 2dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 3dwn, 2dwn
8(7), 0(1), 12(6), 0(0)*, 1(2), 13(10)
0/29(2), 1/21(2), 1/12(2), 0/4(1), 0/16(1), DNB
Nihal Mattoo – Right Arm Medium Fast
6dwn, DNB, 4dwn, DNB, 6dwn,
2(3), DNB, 1(2), DNB, 5(6),
0/4(1), 0/13(1), 1/19(3), 0/23(2), 1/8(2), 
BAT – Match – 6, Innings – 5, Runs – 29, Avg – 8
BOWL – Over – 6, Innings – 6, Wkt – 9
Arvind Raju –
Shahidullah Arman – Right Arm Off-break
ECS T10 Scores
3dwn, 3dwn, 2dwn, DNB, 4dwn, DNB
16(14), 5(7)*, 5(4), DNB, 2(5), DNB
2/22(2), 0/21(2), 2/9(2), 1/8(2), 1/11(2), 1/2(1)
Rubesh Palaniappan – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
DNB, 5dwn, DNB, DNB, DNB
DNB, 13(9), DNB, DNB, DNB
0/23(1), 0/15(1), 1/8(2), 1/9(2), 1/9(2)
Sahalom Dhaly –
ECS T10 Scores
2dwn, 1dwn, 3dwn, DNB, 1dwn, 1dwn
0(2), 20(21), 0(3), DNB, 28(24), 37(23)*
DNB, DNB, DNB, 0/15(1), 4/3(2), DNB
Shrutarv Awasthi – Right Arm Medium
0/18(2), 1/21(2), 2/11(2+1M), 0/13(1), 2/3(2),
Anil Kavi – Right Arm Off-break
0/8(1), 1/12(1), DNB, 2/13(2)
Vignaesh Sankaran – Right Arm Off-break
ECS T10 Scores
2/25(2), 1/18(2), 1/6(2), 1/10(2)
Mubashir Hussain – Right Arm Medium Fast
0/8(1+1M), 6/12(4), 2/27(3), 1/8(2)
Neeraj Hukeri- Right Arm Medium Fast
0/8(1), 0/13(3), 3/19(2+2M), 3/9(4)
Hammed / Qanee Ghane Zanei-

  Aachen Rising Stars 

*All Stats & Scores are of ECS T10 Krefeld Matches, Unless Specifically mention of T10.
Wicket Keeper :
Sagar Kataria –
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open, Open, Open
26(17), 7(9), 55(29), 14(10), 22(17), 0(2)
Puneet Atal –
ECS T10 Scores
DNB, 3dwn,
DNB, 6(10)*,
Faheem Jan – Right Arm Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
2dwn, 3dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn
53(20)*, 28(16), 6(8), 15(10)*,  0(0), 35(24)*
0/16(2), DNB, 0/11(2), 0/16(1), 1/23(2)
Asad Abbas –
1dwn, 1dwn, 1dwn, 2dwn
0(2), 22(NA), 23(44), 11(28)
5/30(8+2M), DNB, 2/37(8), 3/42(7)
* – Not sure about this player info.
Varun Reddy – Right Arm Medium Fast
ECS T10 Scores
Open, Open, Open, Open, Open, Open
20(14), 7(4), 32(20), 43(23)*, 22(18), 34(26)*
0/5(1), DNB, DNB, DNB, 0/23(1), DNB
Azam Temorai –
ECS T10 Scores
1dwn, 1dwn, 2dwn, DNB, 4dwn
0(2), 1(4), 3(3)*, DNB, 16(7)*
Gulistan Muhammad –
ECS T10 Scores
4dwn, 2dwn, 3dwn, DNB, 2dwn
2(4), 0(5), 3(1)* DNB, 9(8)
Asif Rauf –
No info Available Currently.
Dhaval Goyani –
No info Available Currently.
Osman Shirzad – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
7dwn, DNB, DNB, DNB, DNB
1(3)*, DNB, DNB, DNB, DNB
0/7(1), 2/11(2), 3/4(2), 0/16(2), 0/7(1),
Mubashar Inayat –
No Stats Available
Muhammad Aziz –
3dwn, 6dwn, DNB
3(6), 4(2), DNB
DNB, DNB, 0/14(1)
Javed Khan – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
2/8(2), 1/14(2), 0/14(2), 0/5(1), 1/14(2)
Dipankar Banerjee –
ECS T10 Scores
1/26(2), 0/16(1), 2/20(2), 2/13(2)
Safi Khan – Right Arm Medium
ECS T10 Scores
0/20(2), 1/14(2), 1/17(2), 1/14(1), 2/4(1)
Ahmad Shirzad –
ECS T10 Scores
0/11(2), 0/26(2), 0/22(2), 0/11(2), 0/4(1), 2/12(2)


 ℹ️ Match Finished  

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Toss: SCE won the toss and elected to bowl first.




 Other C & VC Options: 

Sahel Darwish
Hikmanullah Shinwari
Dawood Khan Aryubi
Abhinand Jha

 Make necessary changes if any player absent 

*Above GL Team Guide Images for Guide only. 
*You can make necessary changes as per your choice. 
*Above Team maybe Highly risky so play at your own risk. 
*for final team check here in the last 15mins of the match deadline. 

*You can also make some other combination by changing 1-2 players with help of Team Guide.

Best of Luck.

 Disclaimer: > Fantasy Cricket is a game of skill and luck is also very much important to win the grand league in dream11 or any other fantasy cricket leagues. We have covered the skill part.

> We have mentioned the expected playing 11 as per our cricket knowledge. You can change the fantasy team once the playing 11 is out.


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